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A question I get frequently is: ‘What type of content is better: Infotainment (topical, blog and news related content, blogs, Huffington Post…), or Authoritative content (ex: Wikipedia).

My answer typically is: There’s a question before your question, and that is: What are your goals?

What are the goals for your website? Do you want to be an authority site? The one that everyone goes to to find the definitive answer to their questions? Or is your goal to inform readers about the most topical, newsworthy items regarding your industry?

Well, what is the difference?

Infotainment: Time-bound, spiked traffic, quick decline. Think breaking news, world events, celebrity news. Think Twerking vs the Wikipedia entry for Miley Cyrus.

Authoritative content: Think Wikipedia, IMDB, Wookieepedia.

For SEO, ideally, the answer is: both. If you are lucky enough to be in an industry that has the potential for both infotainment as well as authoritative articles, then that is the best of both worlds.

The reason is that authoritative, or evergreen content is timeless. It attracts links and bookmarks, shares and likes. It is part of the Canon, unquestionable and stands the test of time. It remains relevant to those types of queries, like “Symptoms of Asthma”.

The reason for infotainment articles is that sometimes everyone is searching for the hot thing of the moment – Twerking, Gangnam style, Fort Hood. This shows relevance to our times. Newsworthy items can lead to wild spikes in traffic – if you can catch the lightning bolt at the time of trend.

miley cyrus tongue

The other reason I recommend “infotainment” articles, is that by responding to relevant timely items of interest you show you are an authority in a different way. You are presenting, as an authority site, your reaction, your take, if you will, on that item.

For example, If you happen to write about marijuana laws, having articles regarding the laws of different states could be seen as evergreen content, whereas an article regarding the latest pot bust of a celebrity may be more infotainment related.

Ideally, you need both.

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