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Website Optimization has been our bread-and-butter. And we’re good at it. Think 2,700% increases in session traffic within a 5 month period (iTriageHealth.com). Think quadrupling 3M traffic to 12M in a 2 year period for a large healthcare company website.

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Local SEO

Local is Global. The world in the palm of your hand. Can customers find your company products at the time and place of their choosing? Why not?

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Content Structure

The interdisciplinary field of content optimization involves the not just well-written articles of astounding intellectual brilliance and wit – it’s helping the consumer actually find it. Do you understand content taxonomy and classification? We do.

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Site Analysis - effort over time

Site Analysis

Search Engines are constantly making algorithm changes in order to produce more relevant results. When asked why a site isn’t number one for so-and-so, the question is: why should it?

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Competitor Analysis - what environment are you in?

Competitor Analysis

If you do not do a competitor analysis, then you don’t know what environment you are competing within.

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Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Content is Not King: it is the prince…who will one day be king! Content is optimized through proper coding, keyword placement, and importance or non-importance of keyword density.

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