Local is global. With a cellphone in every hand, the current expectation is: right here – right now. Entity localization becomes crucial to that experience.

What is an “entity”? Anything that has a name and a location. Think Starbucks. Think Dentists. Think banks and ATMs. There’s a specific way to optimize for entity search. We can help.

Local is global
"Siri, where is the next gas station?"


Local SEO involves the application of several principles. Today, the field of Local SEO is a diverse one, covering areas from Entity profile creation (Schema tagged locations, maps) to directory submission.

A well-defined entity profile has schema tagged NAP (Name Address, Phone Number), as well as maps, and other items of interest to customers searching for the entity.

A handful of maps is doable by the average company, but anything after 100 locations becomes an issue to manage. Unless you have a method for doing so at scale. Ask us how we can solve this for you.

Have you noticed that your location/s are incorrect in certain directories? Are you fielding calls from customers who cannot find your location because it’s listed incorrectly in one of the major directories? Or do you just want to rank higher and gain the traffic you know you deserve? We can help.