Site Analysis is the discipline that investigates how well a site is positioned for the optimization of rank and traffic. This includes code quality, visibility issues, content categorization, content depth and internal linking. This requires ongoing analysis and site strategy.

Site Analysis
Climb the tower of coding, site structure and content

Analytics and Reporting

Regular analytics and reporting reveal progress over time. Optimization actions take time to bear fruit. Gone are the days where pages are optimized, with results the following month – nowadays it takes 3-6 months for projects to bear fruit.

An initial projects starts with a deep dive, with regular analytics reporting akin to taking the diagnostics on an automobile, diagnostics that reveal hidden weaknesses as well as unexpected strength. Our recommendations build upon that strength.

SEO-specific coding sets the foundation of future success. It enables optimal site and content visibility and imparts to search engines an understanding of your website through following best practices as outlined in the search engine guidelines.

Many people know that the original Google algorithm was based on the preponderance of links to individual websites. This conferred what was known as “Page Rank”. The websites with the most inbound links from other websites showed how relevant a website was for their topic areas.

What is less known is that this algorithm also applies to the website internal links themselves. Search engines not only reveal what they think is relevant and important; they also want to know what you think is relevant and important from within your own site.

Does your site structure support the elements that in your mind should be the most important? We can help you determine that.

Content optimization involves a deep analysis of current content, as well as a strategy for moving forward. It’s not enough to create massive amount of content; The content has to managed in an intelligent manner.